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Letter to the Governor regarding block granting Medicaid

The promises of reduced federal regulations and the reduction of fraud that are touted as the advantages to the block grant program will not compensate for the huge loss of funding that will come with the program.

Stone Belt's CEO writes a letter to Governor Holcomb


The Care Gap Crisis

Since 2010 Stone Belt has been operating with greatly reduced revenues for Medicaid Waiver and other services. We were able to preserve all programs to clients, though many would get fewer hours of service, but we could not preserve the salaries and benefits to our hard-working and dedicated staff.



Letter to the Governor

Despite the positive impact Stone Belt has had on its clients and on the community at large, all is not well. While the clients we serve continue to receive exemplary services, our agency and, most particularly our staff, bears the brunt of the sustained rate reductions that occurred in 2010, as a state response to the great recession. Read more on Care Gap Crisis and how you can advocate for change:

Stone Belt's CEO writes a letter to Governor Pence