Mission & Principles

Preparing, empowering and supporting individuals with disabilities.

Mission & Principles

Our Mission
We believe in the uniqueness, worth and right to self-determination of every individual. Therefore, it is our mission, in partnership with the community, to prepare, empower and support persons with developmental disabilities and their families to participate fully in the life of the community.

Principles of Service
Stone Belt has developed Principles of Service with the involvement of clients, families, staff and others from the community. These principles are used as the guidelines for what we do, how we deliver supports and services, and the values and principles we hold important:

Self-determination is essential
People have the right to self-determination. They must have opportunities and experiences that enable them to exert control in their lives and to advocate on their own behalf. In addition, we emphasize that rights and responsibilities are connected. We teach and provide information for people to make choices as well as take responsibility for their own decisions.

Learning creates empowerment
Obtaining information and skills gives a person more personal power. All of our services emphasize learning and skill acquisition in areas that are suitable to each person's interests, age, and cultural background. We will emphasize activities that provide for growth and opportunity and are purposeful to the creation of a fulfilling life.

All people have contributions to make
Each person has unique capacities, gifts, and talents. It is the aim of our services to further develop these assets in each person served and employed. We strive to provide opportunities for self-advancement as well as to enhance each person's capacities to contribute to the greater good of the community

Positive supports provide the best long-term results
When people exhibit behaviors that are challenging, they should have access to supports that are individually designed, positive, help them learn new skills and responsibilities, provide alternatives to challenging behaviors, offer opportunities for choice and social integration, and allow for environmental modifications. Stone Belt policies and staff training are aimed at these positive outcomes.

Home life must be self-directed
People should be empowered to live in community housing of their own choosing, which is accessible and affordable. Stone Belt provides flexible services that follow the person in his/her chosen home, including supported living arrangements, group homes or the person's family home. Supports provided by Stone Belt within those settings are arranged around the individuals' wants and needs.

Employment is a fundamental part of adult life
Our culture strongly values work and one's identity is often closely associated with one's career. People with disabilities have the right to rewarding and successful careers that demonstrate their competencies and give them opportunities to be successful in their desired employment. Stone Belt offers a variety of work opportunities and supports, which include assistance moving from school to work, career planning, skill development, job advancement, and retirement planning.

Social life and relationships help create quality of life
A great deal of one's emotional fulfillment is due to the relationships one has with family, friends, and co-workers. People with disabilities and people with other socio-economic challenges often have a disproportionate number of their close relationships with people who are paid to support them. While we acknowledge the importance of these relationships, we are committed to supporting clients to develop and maintain fulfilling, independent relationships that range from acquaintances to life partners. In addition, we assist clients in maintaining strong relationships with family members wherever that is desirable and appropriate.