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Stone Belt Divisions :  Milestones Clinical & Health Resources 

Our Look

We are extremely pleased to introduce you to Stone Belt's signature logo, which is used to promote the agency's vision of excellence. The logo compliments our recognizable blue word mark, and is often accompanied by an abbreviated version of our mission statement.

The logo says a great deal about who we are as both an agency and as a community of individuals. The logo highlights the colors that have become associated with our Principles of Service, and is anchored by squares of "Stone Belt blue," sharing the message that our principles form the value system that shapes our vision. 

Each square in the mosaic is unique, as is each individual associated with the agency.  When all of the small shapes are put together, they create a complete and perfect square, exemplifying that when all of the parts are in place -- when we all work together, and when every person is counted as a contributor -- Stone Belt experiences success. 

The colors of the squares also represent our many programs of excellence:  Lifelong Learning, Community Employment, Milestones, Residential, Manufacturing, The Arts, Project SEARCH and Hand in Hand. The mosaic personifies the beauty of diversity, a lesson Stone Belt works to teach to the larger community each and every day.

This logo compliments the additional logos we use to promote specific public programs and events such as Milestones and Hand in Hand (the complete logo family can be seen below).  All of these logos are also squares, and also incorporate the Principles of Service colors.

This beautiful logo represents the excellence of our staff, our programs and those we support. It tells the Stone Belt story to the community!

Stone Belt Logo

 Milestones Logo and Link  Hand in Hand Logo and Link