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Sample letter for Direct Support Professionals and other staff

[Today’s Date]

[Your Name


City, State, ZIP]


The Honorable [Representative or Senator Name]



Indianapolis, IN, ZIP]


Dear [Representative or Senator] Last Name:

I am writing today, because I live in your district, and I’m a voter.  I’ve been learning more about your job as a legislator and want to make sure you hear from people like me that work and try to make a living in (your home community)   I know that as a part of your job as an Indiana legislator, you have to decide how to spend the state’s money, and you need ideas from your voters.  I have a job as a Direct Support Professional (DSP) with (agency name).  It’s a job that I love, but I have to ask myself sometimes if I can continue to do this work and meet my (my family’s) financial needs. 

In my work as a DSP I [Fill in information here about what you do in your job (for example: you work in a group home, supported living apartment, employment program, or lifelong learning program that supports people with disabilities). Then tell the legislator a little bit about what you do (For example: I provide personal care, I administer medicines and monitor the client’s health. I help the individual find meaningful employment. I help the client manage their money and do their shopping etc.)My job requires that I work nights and week-ends and due to staff shortages at my employer, I’m often working many extra hours so the client’s needs can be met. ]

I’m concerned because there aren’t enough DSPs in my organization to do all of the work.  Clients are not always getting the services they need.  Part of the problem seems to be that DSPs don’t get paid very much. The money we get paid with comes from Medicaid and providers like (your provider’s name) have had state budget cuts.  I’m worried that my because employers like (your employer) cannot pay DSPs and other staff more, that many staff will leave and new job seekers may not choose this profession.  If this happens, I am really worried about the clients I serve being healthy and safe in the future.

I hope when you vote for the state budget in 2015 you will make sure that funding will support a quality workforce to meet the needs of people with developmental disabilities.  

Thank you for your help and for your service.


[Sign here.]

[Your first and last name]