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Sample Letter to legislator for Families:

[Today’s Date]

[Your Name


City, State, ZIP]


The Honorable [Representative or Senator Name]



Indianapolis, IN, ZIP]


Dear [Representative or Senator Last Name]

I am writing you today as the parent of a [son/daughter] who has [specify the type of developmental disability].  As you may know, Medicaid funding provides individuals with disabilities the opportunity to receive community based, non-institutional supports in order that they can continue to live at home with their families or move into supported living arrangements within the community.  Without these supports, these individuals could be forced into nursing homes and other more expensive living options.  This program is funded through a mix of federal and state funds.  It is a lifeline for families with children and adults with disabilities who need ongoing supports for health and safety as well as improved quality of life.

My (son/daughter) [each letter writer should put their own story in this paragraph.  Include information about the kinds of services your son/daughter is receiving (for example: they live in a group home, or a supported living home, or they still live at home with you, but go to services during the day)  Also, indicate they type of supports he/she needs (for example: Jenny needs total care including with eating, bathing, or moving from place to place or Mark needs assistance with getting a job and then getting to and from that job) If your son/daughter has experienced staff turnover, speak about the impact this has had on him/her (for example:  She receives supports by a local provider, but the turnover of staff leaves me worried about the quality of care she receives or he comes to really know and trust the staff that work with him, then they leave and we have to start all over). 

I am writing on behalf of myself and many other individuals who are receiving or waiting to receive services through Medicaid funding.  These services provide basic, stable supports that would enable each of us; disabled individuals and caregivers alike, to more adequately support ourselves and our families, while contributing more fully to our communities.  I invite you to come visit my family and have the opportunity to meet my son/daughter with special needs and to better understand… ( examples of what you want them to know about your son/daughters supports  -- how additional support could help him/her to be more successful within her community or how better paid direct support staff would provide more stability in his/her life).  

I hope you, as a legislator, are remaining informed of the efforts being taken by FSSA and others to adequately fund essential Medicaid services and that you support increased funding for these services.  The system is becoming less and less stable as providers struggle with the long term impact of ongoing funding cuts.   A stable support system for families and service providers significantly improves the quality of life for people with developmental disabilities like, (your son/daughter’s name), while increasing each person’s opportunities to become much more productive members of our society.  And that would help everyone.

Sincerely yours,

[Sign here]

[Your first and last name]