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Advocacy 101

While it may seem scary at first, being an advocate can be very rewarding. Speaking up for yourself or for others makes you feel stronger and less helpless. You may also find that there are many other people who feel the same way that you do. When many people put their voices together and let policy makers know what is important to them, they can really make a difference.

The people who are elected into public service seek office because they want to make a positive change - just like you. They are concerned with many things and often do not have in-depth knowledge about people with disabilities. Most times though, whether they are Democrats or Republicans, they do care about people with disabilities and want them to get good supports in their home communities. As an advocate, you can help them learn a lot more about what good supports are and how they can assure that people with disabilities receive them.

How to Effectively Advocate

Find your elected official - search by your zip code to find out your local, state and federal representatives

Tips on Writing a Good Letter to Your Representative

Sample Letters to legislators

For Self-Advocates

For Families

For Direct Support Professionals and other staff