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Mike Collins & Gina Barger
"Good Morning Beautiful"

In March 2010 Stone Belt, in partnership with the Bloomington Playwrights Project, presented the second season of its “I Am You,” monologues written and performed by individuals with disabilities. This video contains a performance by Mike Collins & Gina Barger entitled, "Good Morning Beautiful."

Mike is a resident at Simpson Home, which is a Stone Belt group residence in Bedford. He enjoys watching wrestling and spending time with his fiancé, Gina. Mike also enjoys his community job at the Bedford Public Library.

Gina started living independently in 2001 with Stone Belt supports. She has a fiancé and lots of friends and family that she loves. And they love her back! Someday she would like to be a motivational speaker.

Mike Collins & Gina Barger 2010 I AM YOU Performance from Stone Belt on Vimeo.