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Stone Belt Divisions :  Milestones Clinical & Health Resources 

Welcome to and thank you for visiting us here on the web. We hope that wherever you are, you'll be able to take full advantage of the information and resources we make available online.

Stone Belt is one of the oldest and largest service providers for individuals with developmental disabilities in south central Indiana. We are committed to quality services, and we invite the entire community to play a role in preparing, empowering and supporting individuals with developmental disabilities to fully participate in the life of the community. We value Stone Belt's tradition of excellence and leadership that is founded on our belief that everyone deserves dignity, self-worth and the right to self-determination.  

Whether you are a parent, an advocate, a supporter or an individual with a developmental disability, you will find that our website provides resources and information that will make learning about Stone Belt and this industry easier. This site is updated regularly to give you the most current information. If there are things you would like to see online, please be in touch.

Explore these pages. Learn about our tradition of excellence. Create a bookmark or two...and visit us again and again!

Justin Harrison,
Stone Belt Board President

Leslie Green,
Stone Belt CEO