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Lifelong Learning

We believe that learning creates empowerment. Each person has the capacity to learn and grow – throughout a lifetime – as both an individual and as a member of community. At Stone Belt, we are dedicated to creating meaningful and substantive learning opportunities for those we support.

Lifelong learning is the ongoing and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge for personal and/or professional growth. Lifelong learning not only enhances social inclusion, active citizenship and identity development, but also promotes employment. Stone Belt believes that every moment can and should be a learning moment in the lives of the individuals we support.

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Contact Susan Russ, director of lifelong learning, to learn more about this program at 812-332-2168 ext. 223 or

Stone Belt uses hands-on experiential learning to promote self-determination and independence, and to engage individuals in self-exploration. We focus on five foundations throughout our agency’s Lifelong Learning Program:

Social Skills Enhancement
positive relationship-building; effective communication; respect and confidentiality; conflict resolution

Life Skills Enrichment
using community resources; active citizenship; healthy relationships and lifestyle choices; increased independence through

Work Skills Development
interview skills; workplace etiquette; punctuality and attendance; positive workplace relationships; self-advocacy in the workplace

Academic Empowerment
literacy; mathematics; popular science; current events; geography; money management

Self-Exploration & Recreation Engagement
fitness; performing arts; visual arts; culinary arts; outdoor recreation; community experiences

Meaningful Outcomes

Through effective implementation of our Lifelong Learning Program foundations, the individuals we support experience success in all areas of their lives. The goal for our Lifelong Learning Program is to always reach toward excellence by:

• Providing the highest quality instruction
• Maximizing time individuals are actively engaged in learning
• Focusing on individual needs
• Building consistency in staff supports
• Strengthening communication within each individual’s network of support
• Developing effective structures for utilizing staff resources
• Expanding staff training and professional development

Partners in Education

In addition to our own trained instructors, Stone Belt draws on the talents and expertise of local university students and faculty members, as well as gifted community educators, to enhance learning. These partners develop curriculum and organize workshops and performances which enhance the meaningful outcomes of our Lifelong Learning Program.

Stone Belt has an active service-learning relationship with Indiana University, as well as an on-going volunteer program. University students, university faculty and community members who are interested in engaging with our Lifelong Learning Program are invited to email us to learn about current opportunities.

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